Hysterectomy Recovery Time

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Hysterectomy Recovery Time

Every woman is concerned over all of the particulars of a hysterectomy especially when it comes to the recovery time of a hysterectomy. However, much to every woman’s dismay, there is a healing time and you will have to go through it so let’s talk about the recovery time for the hysterectomy.

A hysterectomy will require some TLC for the woman who just had surgery. However, ladies, you can play the recovery time to the hilt if you’d like but it really isn’t as bad as what you are told by physicians or the women who had their hysterectomies 10 years ago. Things have improved and women who have hysterectomies are finding little problems with recovery from a hysterectomy.

The recovery time does vary from woman to woman and from procedure to procedure. An abdominal hysterectomy is much like a c-section. After childbirth via c-section, women find they are in a lot of pain and can not move about like they would like to move about. A woman is likely to need pain medication for the first 48 hours after surgery and often for up to two weeks following the procedure. An abdominal hysterectomy is the same only, this time, you don’t leave the hospital with a little bundle of joy. You simply have the surgery; stay a couple of nights in the hospital and return home to recover.

Other hysterectomies, such as the laparoscopic hysterectomy will not be as painful and recovery will not be as difficult. Women who have the laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy discover an easy recovery time (compared to other procedures) and some women (dont hold your breath that this will be you) have returned to work within 5 days.The easiest recovery time for a woman who has a hysterectomy is for the woman who has the LSH or the laparoscopic hysterectomy and the most difficult time is for the woman who has the most invasive surgery which is the abdominal hysterectomy.

Still, it is important to remember, it is only as difficult as you choose. Recovery can go relatively fast but you must help yourself. You should drink plenty of fluids, move around as much as possible and plan for a speedy recovery. If you try to get back on your feet as quickly as possible, then your recovery process will not only allow you to heal but will also help you feel better once you resume normal activities without the complications of the medical problems you experienced prior to your hysterectomy procedure. Then, you’ll be glad you had your hysterectomy.

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  1. Karen Barton says:

    Did you know there’s an app’ on iPhone for recovering from a hysterectomy? I know because I was the developer and it’s what I used and three of my students tested it during their recoveries and it got a huge thumbs up. Take a look and see if it helps answer your needs. K

  2. Socorro says:

    I just recently had a total hysterectomy and had complications so I had a 2nd surgery that same day and had a stint placed in the gall bladder to the kidney. I left the hospital 8 after hrs after both surgeries and am doing well, I’m 49 and I truly think that being very physically fit helps. I feel handicapped staying at home and doing nothing, but plan to do exactly as the doctor orders so that I may heal on the inside.
    Good luck to all of you who had this because it is painful and healing is a slow process.

  3. Kdreem says:

    I had a vaginal hysterectomy 5 days ago. One ovary was left. I am recovering very well. Ended up having a stomach virus with diarrhea two days after, but now am suffering a little constipation. But, all-in-all, I feel much better today. Doctor says to expect 6 week recovery, but I think I’ll be back to normal before then. I am realizing that I will fatigue easily, so I just need to take it easy and listen to my body….each person recovers differently!

  4. Christian Riley says:

    I’m 38 and 5 weeks ago had my appendix removed due to an infection. So thought my dr.thought the infection stemmed from my bursting appendix, which may have burst a month prior. However, 1 week after I had gotten sick again and a Hysterectomy was addimit. Come to find out what ever infection I had stemmed from my Uterus. I am now 3 1/2 weeks later recovering from a full hysterectomy. I have 12 weeks off due to both surgeries and infection. However, still very sore still on pain meds and can’t sleep

  5. Tiffany says:

    I just had an emergency adbdominal hysterectomy. I am 25 years old and was pregnant.This is the hardest thing I’ve even been through. My ohter 2 children were miracles and I delivered them by c-section. This baby was growing in my c-section scar tissue and through my uterus on my bladder. I just had horrible pain but did not think anything like this would happen. I went to the emergency room on a friday and had my surgery the next day. I am thankful to be alive and even though i can never have another child i know i am blessed to be alive to raise my other 2 children. My doctor said he had never seen anything like it before and is keeping the picture on his phone. Bad things happen but i did have polysistic ovarain syndrome and endomertious so atleast i won’t be in pain anymore. I am recoverying good. I just had my stapples out and the cathader, they nicked my bladder since it was attached, and can more a little better. Tomorrow will be a week, and only 5 more to go. God will take care of us no matter the circumstance, and i’m glad i have him onmy side because i couldny do this alone.

  6. mia says:

    I had an LSH and was back to work in less then 48 hours after surgery. I never took any pain meds. this was the easiest recovery I have ever had. It was a non-event for me.

  7. ANGELA says:


  8. lisa bennett says:

    i had my laproscopic hysterectomy 2 days ago i can say im very happy with it over all. the hardeest part for me is the layin down n gettin up. but i did notice sleepin wit a pillow or sittin with it on my belly helps alot with the gas pains. in the best part of the whole thing is i was up n walkin n shower 13 hrs after it..

  9. Jojo says:

    I had a total hystorectomy, they wanted to kick me out of the hospital just a few hours after I woke up. I was having a lot of pain, they were giving me Naproxen but it wasn’t helping. Finally they came in with some Dialaudid and that worked. They agreed to keep me over night. Doctor said I could go back to work in 5 days. I did, and had mega problems. He had to take me back off work for 3 weeks.

  10. Tara Cook says:

    I’m 1 week out since having my LSH surgery. I spent one night in the hospital & slept alot my first few days home but felt pretty good 4 days after. I went to my son’s baseball game & grocery shopping but by the time I got back home I knew I wasn’t healed internally like I thought. Now I’m hurting inside a little not severe pain but a nagging pain. I took off 4 weeks from my job because I’m on my feet pretty much all day & lift heavy items. I know I will not regret having this procedure. I am not the type to sit around my house so I’m constantly getting up doing light housework.

  11. Suzanne says:

    I had a hysterectomy on Tuesday morning – Thank God the tumor was benign and I was able to keep one ovary…I had it done with the robot and was actually walking about 2 hours after sugery…Came home Wednesday afternoon and am feeling wonderful – have not taken any pain medicine – not even in the hospital..The horror stories I read were actually worse than the surgery – it’s what I did to myself mentally prior to the surgery by reading such terrible stories that was awful..The only complaint I do have is the gas pains after surgery but walking makes that feel better…

  12. anne hilow says:

    I’m (usually) a very fit, active, multi-tasking 50 y.o., had a laparoscopic/vaginal hysterectomy 2 weeks ago with a lot of blood loss immediately prior. Week 1 I could shuffle around the house but the blood loss/surgery and medications left me so weak I mostly slept and made the couch my 2nd home. I am STUNNED to read about those of us who felt no pain and passed on pain meds, amazing! Forget about food shopping, cooking, laundry etc. Week 2 I can drive short drives in the neighborhood but a 1 block walk to the park is still ambitious, I’ve given up attempting to pull laundry out of the washing machine, wet stuff is heavy stuff ( and am very lucky to have a great friends who pitch in!). I am admittedly dismayed at how lengthy my recovery appears and am now keenly aware of just how divergent recovery times can be. I read with envy the post above from the gal who went back to work in 5 days! Strangely my libido has been very active, paired with near terror, having read the posts, anticipating the pain from intercourse following the requisite 8wks of chastity. Maybe I’ll be lucky and the pain will be minimal.

  13. Wanda. says:

    I just had my surgery, 4/7(total laproscopic hysterectomy). My doc removed my uterus and cervix and left my ovaries. The hospital staff said that i did great and looked great compared to others on the floor with more minor surguries. When i woke up at the hospital my back hurt so bad, and the catheter was very uncomfortable but the morphine eased the pain and then i felt as good as they said i looked. But then there’s now, the gas in my stomach is keeping me from standing up straight because of the pain. I tried moving around more on yesterday but i swoll up and had a lil spotting, so now im in bed reading. Im not use to being in bed, I work out a couple of times a week and i can’t afford to miss much work. I hope to recover quickly, just gotta get rid of the gas.

  14. valerie hearne says:

    i had an abdonimal hysterectomy 5 days ago and amazed how good i feel. but am unsure how long i am unable to do normal things as was not able to get info when i left hospital as their computer was down so they will post it to me.

  15. Steph says:

    I am female 22 years old. I have severe endometriosis and pcos. I have had a laperoscopy and a laperotamy. They only seem to help for a year each. I was told I would have to have a hysterectomy and I’m scared. I am in intense pain. I have high fevers and puke because the pain is So bad. I wake up everyday in pain, can’t get any sleep tired of hurting! What should I do?

  16. melissa says:

    Hello is there any runners out there that has had this done? I am wanting to get the laporascopy hysterectomy which seems to be the smallest of recovery.. if anyone has had this please let me know. I have some races coming up BUT this pain is not cutting it for me :( I am not looking forward to going through change so soon BUT oh well. I am 40 on the 27th of May IO am still young lol

  17. mousumi says:

    hi i am 38 years old and i had a hysterectomy on the 8th of april. was suffering from endometriosis and never could have a child. both my ovaries and my uterus have been removed. i took complete bed rest for 3 weeks,taking small walks frequently and was able to go to the doc for ck up on the 4th week. i joined work on the 19th of may and now i am glad i did take so much rest as the i am recovering really well, though i have still not lifted any heavy stuff. i would recommend 4/6 weeks of rest, drink lots of lime juice to heal faster and be positive..my lower abdomen is still sensitive and hope to b able to wear my jeans very soon ;)

  18. Debbie says:

    Hi, I had a vaginal uterine hysterectomy on May 4th and it went well. I left the hospital the next day with little to no pain. I have had an easy time except for lethargy. It’s been 4 weeks and I still feel very tired. Is this all in my mind? I have no motivation. Please comment. Thanks.

  19. Debra says:

    I am having a this procedure in 2 1/2 weeks and i am scared that i will not heal right since my husband is off at work till nov. and i have a 2 1/2 year old child who dosen’t walk. And to top it off i live on the second floor in an appartment complex with stairs. does anyone have any suggestions

  20. Lgram says:

    Just had a total hysterectomy on the 7th (everything i gone!) Was pre-treated with hormones and still had a crash on day 2 in the hospital with hot flashes and panic attacks. I thought the surgery would be the hardest part. No way! The hormonal/emotional part is much more difficult. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do at a young 45. Praying for the “two week” magic mark and hoping that I will feel better. Lot’s of pressure to urinate. Anyone else? Feeling very alone and scared.

  21. Stephanie says:

    I am a 30 yr old career Mom and I just had a total hysterectomy 12 days ago. I feel pretty good although I have a lot of back pain and fatigue. My lower abdomen is a little sore. I want to go back to work but my Dr says it is really important that I take 4-6 weeks to recover 1st. I have not taken any pain meds for 3 days now. I take over the counter tylenol when the pain gets to me. The most difficult for me is climbing the stairs and standing for too long.
    My hospital stay was 2 days. My Mother went home the same day of her hysterectomy. I am certainly looking forward to not having menstrual periods, cramps etc… I am not really sure what to expect going forward. Any advise would be appreciated.

  22. christy allman says:

    I had an abdominal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago, I was in the hospital 4 days. I had 3 children all natural childbirth. I have never had pain like the post surgical pain. I am still very limited in my daily activities. I am happy I had the surgery but hope to feel much better in the next 2 weeks as I plan to return to work. I do see where it will take more time to get back to my prior level of activity that I had anticpated.

  23. Barbara says:

    I had a total laproscopic hysterectomy three days ago. I get tired easily and wish I could get rid of the gas I feel is causing pressure in my lower abdomine. Other than that, I fell good and hope to return to normal activities within two weeks. I think the fact that I was going to the gym regularly has helped me considerably. At 67 I think I am doing very well.

  24. Debra says:

    I am having a full Hystorectomy today and i am worried that my healing time is going to be long and i have alot of things to do this summer. I love being able to come on here and get suggestions and all your thoughts. It really helps to know that there are alot of woman that are going through the same thing as me. At 29 I never though that I would be having such a life changing surgery.

  25. Amber says:

    I am faced with the possibility of having an hysterectomy for a huge fibroid that has been causing me problems for 18 months. I am terrified about not making a speedy recovery as I am self-employed and my husband was made redundant 6 months ago and has yet been unable to get another job yet.
    I have heard that the size of the fibroid can determine which type of surgery I have? does anyone know if this is true?

  26. Amanda says:

    I just had a hysterectomy two days ago and I am doing much better than I thought. They removed my uterus,cervix, and part of my right ovary. I was up and walk the same day as surgery and dicharged one day after surgery. I have also had two c-sections prior to this surgery. I am very grateful for my quick recovery. Just remember the more you walk and move around the less pain in the long end. Good luck!

  27. Jenni Leigh says:

    I am a 35yo woman that went through a year of trial and error medications and procedures so my insurance company would approve mt surgery. I had fibriods and extreem bleeding. I finally had my surgery on August 12, 2011. I had a Super Cervical Hysterectomy – I still have my Cervics & Tubes (although my tubes are tide and have been for 11 yeard) My body inside is not bothering me at all. My suture line since it it like a C-section is hurting so bad it is hard to move. If I lay down I’m stuck for a while. If I sit up again I’m stuck for a while. I guess my body gets used to that position and refuses to make “me” hurt again. Getting up is a B**ch so is walking. grrrr the swelling is CRAZY!!!! I’ve had abdominal surgery before and it wasn’t as bacd as this!!!! ANY HELP?!?!?!?

  28. Tracy L says:

    I am a 38 yr old woman. 3 weeks ago had a vaginal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago.. Kept my ovaries and had my uterous and cervix removed. Felt fine after surgery left hosp after 2 days. Took panadeine 2 times over first 2 days. Hubby tore the cartlidge in his knee just before he picked me up from hosp. Did a bit of cleaning and taking care of kids for first 4 days until Nanny arrived. Hubby couldn’t walk. I am a mum to children 12 months, 3 years and 6 years. 2nd week started bleeding again for 3 days, slight discharge. Have pain now in lower back, period like cramps, sharp pains lower belly. These come and go but I find I am having to take painkillers now more often than when I had my op. I am public patient and have been told that I won’t get a checkup until Nov. Feel worse now that I did after op. Have been taking it easy except for first few days. Wondering if I should contact the doc. Am ok just a little concerned. Op was so much better than I expected, but I feel crap now. Any suggestions???? Was told I should take 5-6 weeks off work.

  29. Kate says:

    How long does it take for the swelling to go down after a Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy? I am having this done in October and getting married in December so I want to fit in my dress.


  30. JIll Marie says:

    I am 54 and am scheduled to have complete hysterectomy (tubes & overys), in
    a couple weeks. I have type 2 diabetes and take insulin. This makes healing from most wounds take a lot longer than normal. Any else with diabetes have
    hyserectomy? Did it take longer to heal than the 4-6 weeks they tell you?
    I’d like to hear your experience, so I have something to compare to. Thanks for your help.

  31. Melissa says:

    I just turned 32 eight days ago and will be having a partial laporoscopic hysterectomy the day after tomorrow. My Dr says I should be back to work the following Monday. My husband took time off work to take care of me and tend to the kids. I delivered both of my kids VIA c section so I’m not expecting a difficult recovery.

  32. Adrienne says:

    I am a super young feeling 50 year old. I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy due to a huge fibroid 620 grams on Wednesday, June 29 @ 7 pm. The surgery took 1 1/2 hour. I came out of recovery at 10:20pm, and couldn’t believe it was over because I didn’t feel any pain.
    At 1 am the nurse made me get up and walk a few laps around the nurses’ station. I was told that I may feel nausea and dizzy, but it never happened. The only pain I experienced was shoulder pain, and I thought it was from sleeping in a bad position in the hospital; however, the nurse informed me that it was due to gas. What a shock. I was able to eat anything I wanted morning in the hospital. I was discharged at 11am…still no pain…only soreness…like I had done too many situps. On Friday i was out shopping for shoe, and Saturday I went to the dog park and walked for one hour. I went back to work the next week. I never had any pain, and was back in gym in six weeks doing Spin and Kickboxing classes. It was amazing!

  33. bridgette says:

    hi I had a LHS on sept 14th 2011 god on the 15th they sent me home but had to return to emergency room that night because i wasnt peeing enough …hurt so much then i got constipated. that was because of the medicine they give you the pain killers…i stopped taking them …ladies the best medicine for that is an anema…i feel a little nausea dizziness..but i am recovering very well now..just waiting to get back up and start my routine again..im glad i did it though better then the pain i been having for years..i had my uterus removed and my ovaries..anyone know what kind of vitamins can i take now…

  34. Kristy Lynn says:

    I had a total lap uterine & cervix removal & small bowel exploration (a band of scar tissue was removed from a prior surgery form 20+ years ago) I am 43 and in fairly good health. The surgery was 5 days ago. I spent 4 days in the hospital mostly due to nausea and pain. I still have quite a bit of pain in internally. I have 4 1″ inch incisions & a 2″ inch incision – is that normal? I thought 3 is what was the norm. My bp which is normally 140/90 (on meds) ran 100/60 the whole time in the hospital. I have gone without pain meds now for 12 hours. I am ok as long as stay in one position. The gas pains are terrible. I am only eating soft foods, pudding, potatoes, jello, soups to keep it from getting worse. I am still extremely nauseas and had to get meds for that today as well. I cannot imagine going back to work sooner than 3 or 4 weeks. It amazes me that some women have little to no pain. Maybe that has to do with the size of the women. I imagine smaller women with less fat tissue would heal quicker????
    Kristy Lynn´s last [type] ..After a hysterectomy, what?

  35. Tanya says:

    I am three days from my 3 week post-op and feeling much better. I read a lot of scary stories on the net before my surgery and wanted to share my story. I had a vaginal hysterectomy and they left my ovaries. The pain after surgery was intense but they will control it in the hospital. Coming home was a little tricky. An on-call doctor told me to take 2 benedryl to help relax everything. Tensing up and clenching was a problem for me and made things worse. Gas was bad but walking, standing up straight was very helpful. A lot of air gets trapped inside and it takes time to work it’s way out. Don’t listen to anyone but your doctor and yourself. I had “friends” telling me they were so surprised I wasn’t doing better by now before I hit my two week mark. I see from reading this blog that some women don’t need pain meds and are back to work after a few days and I’m astonished. I’m very happy for them and envious and it seems like a miracle, but not everyone is the same. My doctor said I’m doing really really good. That’s all I care about. Don’t listen to “friends” who question your recovery time. We are all different and we all heal at different rates and have different situations. Be happy with YOUR recovery and remember this isn’t a competition. Your body will let you know when to slow down and when to pick up the pace. Just listen to if. I did develop a urinary tract infection from the catheter. Don’t wait to call and get antibiotics going. It’s very common so don’t worry if it happens to you. Drink lots of water before and after surgery. Use a pillow or a folded towel against your abdomen to cough, sneeze, or get up/down. I am surprised I feel as good as I do. When they told me 4-6 week recovery I thought I would definitely be closer to 4, but never imagined I would feel this good before I even hit week 3. It was way tough the first week but I listened to my body and my doctor and not my “friends”, so it paid off. Good luck and best wishes to whoever is reading this prior to their own surgery.

  36. Loretta says:

    I am 41, just had a partial hysterectomy laproscopic on Tues morning, got to go home the same day, taking 1 pain pill a day (so far) and I am able to move around and do as I want (within reason). I am definitely taking it easy, being waited on hand and foot (wink wink) and don’t plan to return to work for a couple of weeks but this surgery hasn’t been any worse than my gallbladder surgery. So far, so good! I feel very blessed!

  37. Rachel says:

    I am 36 yr old that had a total hysterectomy plus appendectomy on Sept 27th 2011.Ovaries were kept. Endometriosis, adenomyosis and fibroid found. Stayed one night in the hospital on pain pump which helped tremendously, catheter can be a pain. The worst part was the gas post op so keep walking as soon as you can. Very tired,sore with bruising outside of abdomen for 2 weeks. Ate little meals due to not feeling hungry.Be sure to take your pain meds with a stool softner.Finally went to just Motrin after 3 1/2 weeks. Don’t try to pull laudry out of washer or even think about the dog hair that needs swept, leave it.I have wonderful friends who brought meals for my family. Watched movies to make myself relax and always had a heating pad. This is my 4th week and I feel like I am above the clouds now. Still using heating pad when needed and know when to rest. It is ok to feel tired that is normal so don’t feel guilty for taking 2 naps a day. The hardest part is not being able to play with my 7 and 9 yr old as I normally would. I hope to return to work at 6 weeks for I have a lifting job. My advice is think before you lift or move something, you will hurt later that day. Much blessings! I hope we all feel better after this.

  38. cindy says:

    hi, i had a total hysterectomy – i still have one ovary my cervics were removed , i feel great – i was walking on the second day of my surgery .
    one thing i did most before the procdres was pray…. it really helped ..
    it was not as bad as i was told by other women who did it.

  39. Tanya says:

    I’m so comforted by the ladies comments. I was beginning to think something was wrong with me. I had my total hysterectomy via robotic surgery two weeks ago and I’m still on pain meds and still pretty tired after trying to cook a light breakfast or dinner. I’m still spotting, but for the most part I feel generally well. I don’t have much of an appetite, but I attribute that to the pain med. I appreciate everyones comments, its helps me realize we all respond differently to surgery and we all heal at our own pace. Thanks for sharing:)

  40. R VanPelt says:

    Had a vaginal hysterectomy on the 30th of Nov and got out of the hospital on the 1st. The most horrible part of the process was my negative reaction to demarol painkiller. It made me gag as soon as they gave it to me both times. They changed the painkiller and all was well. The gas and bloating have been horrible, but it’s nice to know that it appears to be normal albeit very uncomfortable. The doctor said he wants me to take six weeks to recover. His comment was, surgery is surgery, whether vaginal or abdominal. I was looking forward to going back to work after two weeks, but will take the time off, as I can’t afford for something to go wrong and then have the insurance company deny me for not listening to doctor’s orders. I’m sure the company won’t pay for it either if something goes wrong. My supervisor was really pissed when I told her I would be out the six weeks…Oh well. If you’re not in pain, it’s still a good idea to take care of yourself. It’s not often that women get the chance to take a little “me” time.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    I am pretty sure Mia who says she had LSH needed no pain meds and went back to work within 48 is completely and entirely full of crap. Not sure what her angle is or why she feels the need to project herself as a superhuman being from a planet far far away but whatever Mia. I’m pretty sure my doctor would denounce your claims as improbable (to put it nicely) or flat out ludicrous. Any women out there who are recuperating from this major surgery where they cut out several of your organs and push them out of your vagina and are indeed dependent on pain meds, don’t worry, it’s normal. Your normal. Your pain will lessen after 4 or 5 days but if you feel you need to continue taking them because you want to be comfortable do it. You’re not a whimp or weakling. You’re just normal and Mia is full of crap. Take good care of your self. 2 weeks bed rest. Then you can get up and continue to take the bull by the horns but for now rest and recuperate. Hugs and kisses

  42. Kathy says:

    I had a laparoscope assisted hysterectomy 4 days ago. I didn’t have any pain following it nor any of the gas pains that I experienced with a couple other surgeries in the past. Prior to the procedure, I researched and knew that it was the only option. I stay physically active riding my bike 30 miles a couple times a week and play many sports. I am 51 years old, have 5 grown children and work in the health field fulltime. In 2 days I can return to work, which I am very excited about as this was one of my biggest concerns when I heard the word hysterectomy. So far the experience was not as bad as the horror stories everyone was compelled to share prior to my surgery. Being physically active and mentally accepting of the whole thing was the most important parts to getting through this. Just wanted to share a not so bad story.

  43. Jaspi says:

    I just had a basic vaginal Hysterectomy due to heavy uncontrollable bleeding with huge blood clots. I had constant pelvic Ultra sounds to check the size of my fibroids.But either the US weren’t correct or for some reason my fibroids rapidly grew double in 3 months. It could have been the high estrogen levels in my perimenopausal body, that caused the grow. I was out of hospital within 10 hours after the OP. Feeling great, no pain and for the first time in 3 years I could “breath” again. I wondered why I looked 4 months pregnant and felt so bloated all the time. I am so happy I choose to have this done just in time. Any longer and they would have to go through the stomach.I had a fantastic Doctor, who took the time to remove the 5 fibroids one by one, the the uterus. I had tried Mirenas, natural approaches, Primolut unsuccessfully.

  44. Susan says:

    I had an abdominal hysterectomy 13 days ago. It took 2 surgeons over 3 hours because I had a large cyst on one ovary, endometriosis with polyps on the other that spread to my urinary tract and my bladder, and something or other growing in my uterus that attached it to my muscle wall and a couple of fibroids floating around. I was off everything but motrin within 24 hours (and I admit that first few hours after surgery were hellish) and left the hospital on day 3. I’m in pretty good shape for a 49 years old woman (I actually earned my green belt in Tae Kwon Do two weeks before my surgery). I’m back to doing my volunteer work with the Humane Society for a week now and my part time job and light housework. I get frustrated because I still get pain when I do too much, but I sit for a bit and then get back to it. I think a big part of my easy recovery is that I was in good shape prior to my surgery and also a “can do” attitude. I’ve always been a little stubborn, and it’s going to take a lot more than this to slow me down!

  45. Helen says:

    I’m 49 and i just had a subtotal hysterectomy (C-Cut) on December 27, 2011. I was discharged from hospital on January 1, 2012. My uterus was removed due to a fibroid grown too big, 2-Fallopian tubes removed, and bloodclots removed on both ovaries. I was alert after the Op. & was able to sit on a chair on the 2nd day. By the 3rd day i was walking slowing. Always remember to ‘deep breathe’ coz it really helps to eliminate those deep sharp pains when you’re moving sideways (using your strong arm muscles) off the bed; and please remember to ‘stall’ & ‘deep breathing’ a couple of times, when the pain catches you in any position. The pain will go away, I assure you. But you must walk slowly each day & sit up and not lie on the bed all the time. I’m into my 12 day (at home), wound’s healing nicely (a nice clean, dry, thin, neat line – thanks to the artful sewing of my Gynae!) & I’m feeling great (was actually feeling fine before, coz I had absolutely NO pain/unusual bleeding). So, don’t worry coz it is NOT that bad afterall! Good Luck to all ! Take care!

  46. Becky says:

    I am 6 weeks post abdominal hysterectomy today. I had a large 7cm fibroid on my right ovary. It was causing severe bleeding, pain, and anemia. I had my surgery at 12:30. My doctor removed my right ovary and uterus. I was up and walking later on that evenng. Pain was managed very well in hospital and at home. On my first post op first my doctor told me my right side was a complete mess. The fibroid was bigger than thought. It had wrapped completely around my right ovary and part of my uterus. The ovary had scar tissue and was infected. He told me only being 4’7 it was really big and no wonder I was having so many problems. I went back to teaching my kindergarten class yesterday. My biggest complaint is how easy I get tired. I hear this is to be expected for a little while longer.

  47. michelle conlon says:

    i had my surgery which was an abdominal hysterectomy and an ovary removed ,on monday 9 january .I Know it has only been 6 days but still extremley painful and can not get comfortable no matter what i do.I did not really take a lot of notice of people telling me how i would feel afterwards but now i realise they were right.I know i am going to have to have patience and in a couple of months i will be fighting fit! Many thanks to all the nurses ,doctors and all the other staff who take such good care of me in the mater hospital in belfast xx

  48. Kelly says:

    Hello everyone! Here is my tale of woe. I just turned 40 and have been having alot of problems with my period for about 2 1/2 years. I have been told I am peri-menopausal, which started at age 38. I have had ovarian cysts, one of which I believe ruptured last year. (horrific pain)You could set your watch by my cycle. Now either my periods last a week and start up again a week later or I bleed for an entire month or longer. Just had a vaginal ultrasound and it shows I have another large cyst on my right ovary and also a fibroid. My doc put me on low dose birth control in hopes of stopping the hot flashes, mood swings, cramps and night sweats. So far, not so good! I am at this very moment having terrible menstrual-like cramps and have had them all day long. Oh by the way, I have a really lousy back and have to take pain meds and muscle relaxers and these arent even helping these cramps! Has anyone else had this or similar? I’m thinking there will be a hysterectomy in my future and at this point, there is no way I will fight it! Oh! I also have had endometriosis and uterine polyps in the past. Anyone have advice or does anyone also think I am headed down the “hysterectomy highway”? Thanks for reading!


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